About Us

About Us

Expertise in Serving the Hispanic Community with Relevant News and Weather

For decades, we have been dedicated to producing news and weather segments for radio, television, and social media. Our focus is on the Hispanic community, as we understand their unique needs. We don’t simply translate news; instead, we reach out to informative sources and gather information that is relevant and interesting to the public.

Delivering Relevant News and Weather Content for the Hispanic Community

At our company, we pride ourselves on adapting to the specific information requirements of the stations that hire us while always respecting their interests and maintaining confidentiality. Our team consists of information directors, reporters, and writers who know how to add a local touch to each news item. Additionally, our presenters possess the talent to connect with the audience effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Currently, our daily productions reach over 30 million people, with each segment tailored to its specific area and the station that has hired us to provide our services. We believe in delivering high-quality content that engages and informs the audience. Our goal is to ensure that the news and weather segments we produce are relevant, accurate, and resonate with the viewers or listeners.

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We understand that the Hispanic community has diverse interests and concerns, and we strive to provide comprehensive coverage that addresses these topics. Whether it’s local news, national events, weather updates, or human interest stories, we are committed to delivering information that matters to our audience.  We hope to continue serving the Hispanic community by delivering the news and weather content they need and deserve.

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